My name is Mark. I’m a 15 years old boy. I’m from Yakutia. I like playing football with my friends. I would like to go to travel to other countries, it would be cool! Usually I surf the Internet and I communicate with the friends.

Citizens of Sakha Republic celebrate the New Year twice a year – in winter with the rest of citizens of Russia, and in summer – according to the ancient traditions. The Yakut Yhyakh festival is related to a cult of a solar deity, with a fertility cult.
Ancient Yakuts celebrated the New Year at the Yhyakh festival. Its traditions include women and children decorating trees and tethering.


The Ohuokhai dance appeared long ago when the Sakha people lived in the South and were typical cattle – breeders, so – called sun worshippers. It is a native dance that combines three forms of art: dancing, singing and poetry. The Sakha word “yungkyu” comes from the verb “ungk”. posts with “salama”.The Yakut national dance

The Yakut national dance

Mast - wrestling

The Yakut national ware – “choron”