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The Yakut National Clothes
All life of Yakuts has been closely connected with surrounding nature, all: both meal, and clothes, and instruments of labor they extracted at it. Therefore, on their concepts, of this boundless Universe of the main the Nature, then deities and only then — the Person was. Here this outlook, the feelings and coats were embodied by our ancestors in patterns, ornaments and house utensils. Therefore people clothes саха as the part of material culture, was inseparably linked with its beliefs, ceremonies, the nature, deities. The Yakut clothes on time and on change of a way of life can be divided on two groups:

1. Traditional Yakut clothes (to the XVIII-th century middle). It is the period of blossoming of national culture. A bycicle communication of clothes with religion: horned headdresses, fur coats with an eagle, a sleeveless jacket tangalai etc. were usually applied To an ornament blue, white and black beads, patterns "cow", "strips" and lirics motives, copper ornaments.
2. From the middle of a XVIII-th century before the XX-th century the national clothes undergo the big changes owing to development of contacts, trade with other people. There are elements of the European clothes: a collar, a pocket and cuffs. But still traditional communication of clothes with belief remains.
The clothes of ancestors can be divided and on purely functional application:
• the ritual clothes closely connected with religion,
• warm clothes for distant trips;
• hunting, working clothes;
• house clothes without any ornaments. .png
From them a fur coat with an eagle, horned headdresses, high fur caps, caps with ear-phones, fur collars, female and man's outer clothing - a coat meet seldom, as museum pieces.
The fur coat with an eagle is the oldest coat.
On R.K.Maaka and V.L.Seroshevsky's materials is called sangiyax. At Yakuts, as well as at many people, has been extended thatThen the coat-tangalai (a single-breasted fur coat like a caftan) with lirics motives extends. Them name «kaadgi, kaadgina, kadgika, tangalai». These clothes are connected with a swan cult. The married woman dressed her only. If the bride left in distant улус to the groom, on поверьям, it should leave through everyone nine live - stops to Spirit of district tangalai a coat to avoid any troubles on road ". 4.png
These clothes were applied and as funeral., passed a thorny road from a mouth of the Big Dragon to its tail entirely covered with sharp iron thorns. Therefore the funeral clothes should be strong. For this purpose tangalai a coat in front and behind decorated copper and silver metal plates, beads.
«Buuktaax coat»is a coat with mechovoy otorochkoy.
This furred dream was sewed from red, black and green cloth or color brocade. On a breast the ornament-obereg, on each side - набедренные ornaments settled down. A back the pattern like tree decorated (hitching posts). Probably, this worship of Dhehegei Aiyy - to the patron giving not only light of the Sun, but also force, power, will. Therefore during a holiday ysyakh after yryng Aar Toiona Dhehegei Aiyy
worshipped. 1.jpg