Benito Quinquela Martín
by Camila


Benito Quinquela Martin was born in Argentina , La Boca , probably on March 1 , 1890 , and died on January 28 , 1997 in Buenos Aires . His real name was Benito Juan Marin , he was an Argentine painter . His birthday could not be determined precisely as he was abandoned on March 20 , 1890 at an orphanage with a note saying: ¨This kid has been baptized , and his name is Benito Juan Martin. From his physical appearence , the nuns who found him deduced that he might be around twenty days old ; so March 1 is regarded as his birthday.
When he was seven years old Manuel and Justina Molina de Chinchella adopted him . His painting provides an excellent portrait of Buenos Aires city.
He is considered the painter of ports and is one of the country's most popular artists. His paintings show port activity , vigor and harshness of daily life in the Port of La Boca, Buenos Aires. As a child, he had to work carrying bags of coal and this experience influenced his works that were shown in several exhibitions in the country and abroad, managed to sell several of his creations and donated them to make several works of solidarity in their neighbourhood, including a school-museum

"RIACHUELO, one of his most famous works.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerby Camila


Cristina Elisabeth Fernandez de Kirchner born in Ringuelet , a suburb of La Plata City , Province of Buenos Aires , on 19 February 1953 . Commonly known as Cristina Fernandez or Cristina Kirchner is the 55th and current President of Argentina and the window of former President Nestor Kirchner . She is Argentina’s first elected female president , and the second female president ever to serve ( after Isabel Martinez de Peron , 1974 – 1976 ) . Daughter of Eduardo Fernandez and Ofelia Esther Wilhelm . She studied law at the National University of La Plata during the 1970s and became active in the Peronist Youth. During her studies there, she met her future spouse, Néstor Kirchner. They were married on 9 March 1975, and had two children: Máximo and Florencia. Néstor Kirchner died on 27 October 2010 after suffering a heart attack.
She has recently been elected for a second 4 year period and reasumed as Argentine President on last December 10th.

Maximiliano Guerra
by Iván


He was born on May 5th, 1967 in Buenos Aires. He is an outstanding international classical dancer. He studied dancing at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires and performed in various international ballets. He was awarded in a lot of places in the world. Currently, he is director, coreographer and first dancer of the company "Ballet of Mercosur". He performed in many charity concerts to help hospitals non-profit institutions. He is considered one of the most prestigious dancers in the world.


Dr. René Favaloro


Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro was born on July 12, 1923 in La Plata, Province of Buenos Aies. Since he was very young, he showed an interest for medicine. His father was a carpenter and his mother a dress-maker. They were a humble family who taught René values and a love for work and discipline.
He studied medicine and, in 1950, he became a rural physician in a small village in a deserted area in La Pampa province. After many years of work there, he decided to specialize in toraxic surgery in Cleveland, Ohia, U.S.A. where he studied and worked for a decade and became a presticious cardiac surgeon. In the late 1960s., he created the technique for coronary bypass surgery. It was a first step for more complex and important technology in coronary surgery.
In 1971, Dr.Favaloro decided to go back to Argentina to found a medical centre similar to the Cleveland Clinic, where he had worked, a centre for medical assistance, research and education. A deep economic crisis at the eginning of this century affected him and his work hightly. He died on July 29th., 2000.