Hello dear friends!!!
My name is Egor Pakhomov. I was named in honor of the grandfather. I’m 16 years old , a boy. I live in Yakutia. My hobby – sports. Most of all I like to play football. My favorite team Real Madrid. And also I play volleyball and basketball, I participate on various competitions. I have got a dog. His name is Black. Still I love the nature, there hunting, collecting something.

National sports of the
Republics Sakha (Yakutia)

Mus-wrestling (мас тардыhыы) - stick pulling – the national sport of Yakutia recognized in the Russian Federation also is entered in 2003 into the All-Russia register of sports. It is a dynamical and fascinating sport in personal competitions which are spent among young men and girls in weight categories 56кг, 62кг, 68кг, 74кг, 82кг, 90кг and over 90 kg. With an elimination after two defeats.m_1244168698_195802.jpg
Contenders sit down the friend opposite to the friend, planting the feet against a board put on an edge and undertake a stick both hands, but the different successful fellow. Position of hands, inside or outside more close to edges, in the first fight is defined by a lot, further the successful fellow changes. On a signal of the judge the duel begins. The winner the sportsman who pulled out a stick or has drawn the contender on the party is considered. Loss as considers a contact of a dividing board hands. Duels are conducted to two victories.

Khapsagay (Хапсагай)
Khapsagay (Хапсагай) - single combat of two unaided sportsmen with use of certain receptions. Unlike shock single combats, fight can pass both in a rack, and in an orchestra (in a lap, lying and etc.), is forbidden the shock technics. The one who the first каснется the earth a hand, a knee or an elbow, that loses.

National jumps - this competitions where participate both men, and women. Winners and prize-winners are defined by each kind separately - "кыллыы", "ыстанга", куобах "and on the triathlon sum."Kylly"- are carried out eleven unceasing jumps from running start on one foot with a landing on both feet."Ystanga"- are carried out eleven cross-section running jumps from a foot on a foot with a landing on both feet."Kuobah"- are carried out eleven unceasing jumps, simultaneously making a start two feet from a place or from one-two preliminary jumps, or with small (5-9-12 meters) running start.