CHRISTMASby Brunella

On 25th December, we celebrate Christmas Day. It is a very important celebration in Argentina because most people are christian. It is a religious celebration because se commemorate Jesus birth.PESEBRE.jpg

People decorate their homes with season´s ornaments, especially a Christmas Tree and Father Christmas figures.CHRSTMAS_TREE.jpg

We wait for Father Christmas because he brings lots of presents for children!!!


We have a very special family party and a traditional cake called "pan dulce" of Italian origen and lots of delicious sweets with nuts, almonds and chocolate.


I spend Christmas Day with my mother, my cousin Ivan, my aunt, my grandmother and grandfather.

Children usually wear shorts, T-shirts and trainers. It´s very hot because it´s Summer in Argentina at this time of the year.


by Milagros

It is celebrated on 9th July in Argentina. It commemorates de Independence from the Spanish colonies declared in 1816.


At schools, students attend meetings and they honoured the national flag and sing the National Anthem. They also perform stories on stage, sing typical songs and learn to appreciate their history, the people who fought for their nation freedom and their social values.


Mother´s Day is on the third Sunday in October. We give presents to our Mums and very early in the morning we prepare breakfast for them. Families meet in cheerful parties.


We have a special lunch on that day. We eat meat, potatoes, sandwiches and cakes. The weather is usually sunny because it is Spring at that time of the year.

Mothers and children spend a very happy day!!!!


by Milagros BIRTHDAY.jpg

Birthdays are very special dates for children. They celebrate with a cheerful party with family and friends. The cake is very important, they blow the candles and sing "Happy Birthday". I have a big party at home. My friends and I listen to music and sing along. I also get a lot of presents and have a lot of fun. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


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