I am María Cristina Reboredo, a teacher of English from Argentina. My students and I are very pleased to be involved in this project and also grateful to Ms. Azhar Youssef, from Egypt, who has kindly invited us. We hope this journey will allow all of us to share knowledge about very different countries all around the world and, at the same time, to experience a unique opportunity of collaborative work.


Now, I invite you to browse my students´ pages. They have worked with enthusiasm and effort. This is a humble but hearty contribution for this project. Hope you really enjoy it!!!

Image Resources:

My Sudents' Pages:

Argentine Food, by Maru Goyer

Our Country, by Ignacio and Lautar
Celebrations, by Brunella & Milagros

Sports, by Verónica

Buenos Aires, by Iván

Mar del Plata, by Salvador

Iguazú Falls, by Camila

El Palmar, by Salvador

Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy, by Jessica

Ischigualasto, by Salvador

Mendoza, Jessica

Patagonia, Paula

Important people, Camila & Iván